President, CEO and Cofounder, Innova Nutrition Corporation (2005-2012)

Riley Arthur Livingston was a tough and rambunctious Montana kid who enjoyed ice hockey and weightlifting. At that time, he probably never imagined that one day he would become so many things: successful entrepreneur, nutritional expert, innovative supplement formulator, award-winning salesperson, giving philanthropist, and a loving husband and father.

Riley, always the athlete, had a keen interest in healthy living. He discovered the nutrition industry the summer of 1990 while in college and working part time at a retail vitamin store and as a personal trainer at the Seattle Athletic Club. While working at the vitamin store, Riley enjoyed listening to the sales people who would come in to sell the nutritional supplements to the store owner. It didn’t take long for him to realize that a job selling nutritional supplements might be the perfect fit for him.

After graduating from Seattle Pacific University in 1991 with a degree in exercise physiology, Riley was hired as a salesperson with a professional nutritional supplement company called Metagenics. He was assigned the territory of Washington State and hit the road armed with Metagenics’ catalogs, his contagious smile, and unyielding enthusiasm and determination. Within three years, Riley’s region became one of Metagenics’ top-producing territories in the country.

Riley then began to have ideas about unique products that should be brought to the market.  Formulations of bars and powders that were comprehensive and that tasted better than what was currently available. He also dreamed of owning his own company. In 2000 Riley, along with a couple of business partners that included his friend Dr. David Wood, founded BioGenesis Nutraceuticals. Riley was CEO and the lone salesperson. There were many hurdles to overcome and some thought it would be impossible for him to succeed. They didn’t know Riley Livingston.  Riley’s hard work paid off and he grew BioGenesis’ sales year after year at a staggering pace. After just its third year in business, BioGenesis was profitable, passed the million dollar mark in sales, and grew to employ eleven people.

In 2003, Riley launched his second company with a product called Zipfizz, a powdered sports/energy drink mix. He wanted to get it mass distributed and soon convinced a national store chain to carry Zipfizz nationwide, making it an overnight success story. Sales went through the roof.

In 2004, Riley’s third company, Innova Nutrition, was launched. This company developed a nutrition bar that supported blood sugar stability. Riley was able to get this product distributed nationally as well. Innova completed Riley’s business trifecta, three out of three successful ventures.

Through his businesses and philanthropy, Riley touched and helped thousands of people. Whether it was sponsoring many of the local kids sports teams, an endowment to Seattle Pacific University, or just helping a friend or employee who was down on their luck; Riley was always there and the first one willing to help. Riley Livingston had a love of life and humankind and will never be forgotten by those fortunate enough to have experienced his visionary leadership, limitless passion, and kind-hearted soul.

May 2, 1968 – December 19, 2012