Dark Chocolate Mint


Our Dark Chocolate Mint is the best tasting nutrition bar you will ever eat! The bar is perfect as a meal replacement, as a midday snack, or whether you’re hitting the gym. With 21 vitamins and minerals, all 9 essential amino acids, and low sodium, it’s a perfect bar to add to your daily routine.

Contains: 12 x 1.76 oz (50 grams) bars per box

Who ever thought good for you could taste this great?

  • 12g Whey and Almond Protein

  • Only 6g Net Carbs

  • 8g Prebiotic Dietary Vegetable Fiber

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Gluten Free and Certified Kosher

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35 Reviews

Michaeletta Jun 13th 2019

Dark Chocolate Mint

I really like the taste and the nutrition it has in it.

Teri Wegner Jan 29th 2019

Thin mint bars are a family staple

These bars are delicious and fulfilling. I eat them before or after a workout for an extra bit of protein and energy, have taken them on trips as a breakfast substitute, and now my kids have one at some point every day, either for breakfast or snack. They have to “sign out” these bars because we’ve had issues with kids having multiple bars in a day (too much not so healthy and gets pretty costly). While I hate having to buy so many, I’d rather my kids eat this instead of cereal for breakfast or chips or other crap for snacks. I love that these can tide me over and I don’t feel a crash a couple hours later. Beware—these will become a staple!;)

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