How Important is Having a Snack?

Is It Really Necessary To Snack?

Unless you eat a huge lunch (which is not the best idea), a protein snack will help to carry you over from lunch to supper.

Quick snacks are always fresh fruit and nuts. But be careful because nuts are really easy to overindulge; so consider making snack baggies once a week, each filled with 1 serving (equals ¼ cup or less, or a scant handful) of your favorite nuts. Avoid eating from a jar full of nuts because before you know it the entire jar will be gone!

Hummus (about ¼ cup) and raw carrots or other favorite veggie, is a hearty snack. Olives are great because they are filling plus packed full of healthy phytonutrients that help to ward off disease. And of course, half of a Stabilyze bar is always the perfect snack!