In 2000 Dr. David Wood, ND and Riley Livingston co-founded BioGenesis Nutraceuticals, Inc.. Dr. Wood was the Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for BioGenesis. He was also the initial formulator of BioGenesis products that would be sold exclusively to the healthcare practitioner market including doctors and nutritionists. In the initial years of BioGenesis, Dr. Wood provided training and education to the BioGenesis sales team and was a lecturer for many continuing education medical seminars on the application of BioGenesis products and their benefits for specific medical conditions. As the company grew, Dr. Wood teamed up with Eleanor Barrager and together they provided continuing education seminars to medical practitioners around the country. The Functional Medicine Forum (FMF) was born in the early years of BioGenesis, where Dr. Wood and other invited speakers would provide practical applications for the scientifically-backed nutritional application of BioGenesis products in clinical practice.  

In 2004 Riley Livingston and Dr. Wood, at the prompting of Dr. Rick Posmantur, ND, decided to introduce the BioGenesis nutrition bars (sold only through physician's offices) to the retail marketplace and so the Diabeteze bar was introduced. The Diabeteze name was changed to the current Stabilyze Nutrition Bar when they realized the name was too restrictive and that the bar was truly designed to help everyone and anyone stabilize their blood sugar levels.

During this time Dr. Wood also held down a full time medical practice along with his wife, Dr. Cheryl Wood, actively helping patients from 1984 until they retired in 2015.

After Riley’s death in 2012, Dr. Wood stepped in as CEO of BioGenesis and Innova. In 2014 BioGenesis was sold and in August of 2014 Dr. Wood stepped down as the CEO of Innova when Eleanor Barrager was hired as the new CEO. Dr. Wood remained a part of the company as one of three principle shareholders and continued to guide the company as an active board member and director. In June of 2017 Dr. Wood retired from his board/director position of Innova Nutrition Corp.

Although Dr. David Wood is now fully retired, he and his wife remain active members and contributors to their church and missionary efforts around the world. They lead very active lives and are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives touching people with God’s love and giving aide and comfort to those in need.