Whey Protein Satisfies Your Whole Body

Why Whey is the Way

Almost each and every one of us has been ingrained with the knowledge that protein is absolutely essential in our diet to help us grow stronger and rebuild muscle. While this is true, with countless supplements and fad diets, what types of protein are actually the best for your body?

Whey and soy proteins are two major contenders in the protein supplement market and are commonly found in protein powders and other dietary supplements. Whey protein, however, is the preferred protein source as it contains leucine, one of nine essential amino acids required by the body to build and maintain muscle mass. It is derived from cow’s milk, unlike soy protein.

Soy protein is derived from the soy plant and lacks the primary essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and maintenance. Soy protein therefore does not share the same benefits as whey protein.

In addition to muscle growth, whey protein also keeps the stomach more satisfied and feeling full for longer which can also assist you in any weight loss goals. Furthermore, whey protein taken prior to a meal or in between meals can actually improve the body’s insulin response and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Where can I find whey protein?

Whey protein is commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. The downside is these foods can also be high in calories and fats, especially when prepared alongside other foods or woven into a recipe. Whey protein powder is another great source and can also easily be incorporated into smoothies or other nutritious drinks. The downside to the powder form is its higher cost which may eliminate this as an efficient option. Whey protein is also found in our Stabilyze bars alongside numerous other vitamins and minerals essential to a balanced diet and is a great grab and go option.

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