Super Parent

It's the season for cozy fires, warm sweaters, boots, crisp fall air, and pumpkin...everything! Something else also happens during this miraculous season- a Super Hero emerges from the sidelines, we call them the "Super Parent"!

We see them everywhere this time of year; in the grocery store buying cupcake ingredients for their kids' bake sale, while talking on the phone negotiating dinner terms with their significant other, as well as filling out the field trip papers that were due yesterday.

The Super Parent gets a billion things done in the few short hours their kid(s) are in school, and after school is no better! With the constant running around between sports activities, last minute errands, late hour laundry because the green shirt must be worn tomorrow. Fall is a GO-GO-GO season for the Super Parent!

Are you a Super Parent?

Who is taking care of you? Have you eaten Breakfast? Lunch? Did you get enough sleep last night? Grab a few Stabilyze bars and stick them in your purse, car, office drawer, and presto, you have the perfect meal on the run!

Although we can't help you complete your mountain of daily tasks; we can provide you with a well-balanced meal replacement bar for those days when you just can't stop!