New Year, New Look, New Ingredients!

You asked and we listened. We are thrilled to introduce our new Stabilyze packaging! Both the bars and the box have a cleaner look with easy to read ingredient highlights on the front. 

In addition to the packaging update we made two minor ingredient changes that you, our loyal customer, have said are important to you; without any affect to the amazing flavor or texture of our bars. For our customers who have pets, we have removed Xylitol from all our bars. 

The second ingredient change made is replacement of the soy lecithin that is found in the internal bar ingredients with sunflower lecithin. Soy lecithin does remain as an important ingredient in the dark chocolate as an emulsifier to help diminish the separation of the natural fats in the chocolate. 

These updates are found on all bars that have a Best By date of 08Jan19 or later. 

We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do. Keep an eye out for more news in this great New Year!