The story of Innova Nutrition began in 2004 when Riley Livingston, Dr. David Wood, and Dr. Rick Posmantur took on the challenge of formulating a bar that would meet the nutritional needs of individuals with unstable blood sugar levels.

They had noticed that almost every nutrition bar on the market contained high amounts of carbohydrates, refined sugars, poor-quality oils, artificial preservatives, and they didn’t taste great. Dr. David Wood (who also was the co-founder/co-owner of BioGenesis Nutraceuticals) and Dr. Rick Postmantur, two naturopathic physicians with extensive experience formulating products, together with Riley Livingston (who was also a co-founder/co-owner of BioGenesis Nutraceuticals) developed a bar that was beneficial not just to individuals with unstable blood sugar levels, but for everyone interested in managing their sugar intake. The end result was the high-quality, delicious, nutrient-rich Diabeteze bar.

Introducing the bar to the general public

In 2012, Innova Nutrition changed the name of the bar to Stabilyze.  This name not only reflects the benefits of the bar being diabetic friendly, but also represents that it supports stable blood sugar levels.

Every bar provides high-quality protein amounts, 8 grams of a prebiotic fiber, high levels of 21 vitamins and minerals, and low net carbs. The bars are also certified gluten free to provide a nutritious snack for individuals who need to avoid consuming foods that contain gluten.

Our focus – is you

At Innova Nutrition, we are focused to provide products comprised of only the highest quality ingredients. Our bars can be used in many ways: as part of a weight management program to help support appetite control, athletes, and individuals with diabetes or to help manage hypoglycemia, those with a gluten intolerance, and anyone on the go who needs a quick, healthy and balanced meal.

About our former CEO

Eleanor Barrager is the former Chief Executive Officer of Innova Nutrition Corporation and served on its Board of Directors. Before being named CEO in 2014, Eleanor was Innova Nutrition’s Chief Operating Officer, and had previously served as a consultant.

Eleanor Barrager played an integral role in the strategic management of the company, and brought over 35 years of experience in the nutritional field as a clinician, scientist, product formulator, and successful nutritional company operations manager.

Eleanor Barrager is a native Australian, and served as an Australian Dietitian and Food Technologist. Eleanor has also been the principal investigator of several Institutional Review Board approved clinical studies and has successfully coordinated multi-centered clinical trials in the nutrition field.

In addition to her clinical and research experience, she is a well-traveled educator and has presented educational seminars in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Eleanor has been a contributor to and published various articles in the lay press, several original research papers in peer reviewed medical journals and a children’s book titled “Fun with Food” that is available as a teaching aid for use in schools in Australia.

Riley Arthur Livingston

May 2, 1968 – December 19, 2012

President, CEO and Cofounder, Innova Nutrition Corporation (2005-2012)

Through his businesses and philanthropy, Riley touched and helped thousands of people. Whether it was sponsoring many of the local kids sports teams, an endowment to Seattle Pacific University, or just helping a friend or employee who was down on their luck; Riley was always there and the first one willing to help. Remembering Riley Arthur Livingston.